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iLearn Math - The Positive Learning System

Discover all of the important details about the primary technology tool your students will be using in iLearn, our prescriptive approach to learning and succeeding in math. 

iLearn's prescriptive approach to math education is unique. With iLearn Math, students have a customized technology tool that effectively guides each student through only the content needed and skipping over content already mastered. We call it the "prescriptive approach to math education" because iLearn Math identifies each student's math gaps and delivers instruction and practice until mastery for each topic the student needs - not to mention, it's completely automated. In addition to this, teachers have the ability to deliver assignments and assessments to students online at any time throughout the school year. Assignments allows teachers to provide homework and classwork to all, a group, or an individual student, and assessments allows teachers to create and assign Multi-Grade Diagnostics, Benchmarks, Universal Screeners, and Progress Monitoring assessments to students at any time.

Supplemental Tools in iLearn Math


Learn about assignments, including: how to create, when to create them, how to choose which assignment to build, and how to deliver your assignments.


Learn about assessments, including: how to create, when to create them, how to choose which assessment to build, and how to deliver your assessments.


Explore vBook, the student choice program that allows students to review topics and lessons or select new content to learn and succeed in.

iLearn is a suite of technology tools helping teachers teach and students learn math.

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