What to do First

Welcome to iLearn! We're eager to get started building your child's success in math. The four steps below outline everything you need to start!


Set up your child's account


Log in to Start


Complete Introduction Lessons

The two Introduction lessons take about 5 minutes. The first explains how to use the program. The second explains how to enter answers and complete Placement Tests.


Complete the Placement Tests

Your child will complete one or more brief Placement Tests. Encourage your child to do their own work, without your help, and without a calculator. 

The Placement Tests are delivered to your child automatically, as the parent you do not need to do anything. The Placement process helps your child start learning the earliest critical concept needed. From their first Lesson Instruction, your child will experience rapid success while mastering concepts they need, and challenging past plenty of concepts they already know.

Note: Most students start below their current grade level. Don't be concerned by this. It does not mean your child is performing below grade level or not on grade level. It simply means there are gaps in your child's knowledge from earlier levels (and this is very, very common with all students). Learning these concepts ensures continued success as they advance to and beyond grade level.

Your child will typically complete one to three Placement Tests, which take around 10 minutes each. The more tests you child passes, the higher they start in the sequentially-organized curriculum. Encourage your child to do their best on their own. Do not help them during Placement or Challenge Tests, or they might skip what they need the most.

Placement Tests are clearly identified:

After Placement Tests are Unit Challenge Tests, clearly identified at the top. At this point and in each Unit Challenge, your child can skip forward by meeting the 90% passing requirement.

All progress is determined by how your child performs on each element. After completing the Placement Tests, there are two ways your child will move forward: by passing Challenge Tests or meeting Mastery Requirements including Mastery Tests.