The student choice, open access program for review, practice, and supplemental instruction.

How to access vBook

Log in at www.ilearn.com/login. Scroll down and click the vBook button.

What is vBook?

vBook is a student choice mathematics instructional program, designed to allow students to select and learn any lesson or topic and to complete them with mastery-based requirements. Ideally, teachers use vBook to present instruction and practice in a group setting, or to verbally assign specific topics or lessons, then view reports to document progress, test scores, etc.

Students can access all lessons and all topics in vBook at any time. Teachers manage student activity with vBook specific reports.

Who has Access to vBook

vBook is available in schools where activated, but entirely optional to students and teachers. Students determine what lessons and topics they enter and complete, but are best guided by their teacher.

vBook is structured by grade level, then by topic, then by lesson. Grade levels are identified at the top as blue buttons, which students click to access content in that grade.

Each grade has about 15 topics (chapters) per grade level. Each individual topic has the name at the top. Below, the topic name is "Adding and Comparing Numbers"

To access Topic Tests and Topic Practice, students simply find the topic and select either beneath the topic title.

Each Topic has on average five Lessons. Each Lesson is listed below the topic in recommended sequential order.

Click the orange button to select the Lesson Instruction, or the blue button to select the Lesson Practice.