Assignments give you, the teacher or school admin, the ability to create and assign groups of iLearn Lessons or Chapters to a student, multiple students, or all students in a class or queues.

Assign supplemental content from iLearn Math to any student or students, at any time. At times we recommend using Assignments to deliver grade level content to students who are well below grade level in iLearn Math, or to students who have advanced beyond grade level. For both groups, this provides an opportunity to refocus on math concepts that are at grade level. Assignments can also be used to give students more practice or instruction, review for end of year tests, or for homework/classwork.

Build an Assignment

Building an Assignment is simple in iLearn. Here are the steps you follow to create an Assignment.

Click the arrow for each step below to see details.

Step 1: Log in and Click "Assignments"

Step 2: Click "Create New Assignment"

Step 3: Choose Assignment Type

Step 4: Enter Assignment Details

Step 5: Choose the Content

Step 6: Assign Students

That's it! You can build an Assignment in less than 5 minutes any time you want throughout the school year. When students log in, they'll see your Assignment at the right of the Hub when they log in.

Edit an Assignment

It’s easy to edit an Assignment to include additional students, change the due date, to add or remove content, or both. Follow the steps below to edit an Assignment.

Step 1: Login and Click "Assignments"

Step 2: Then double click the Assignment to edit

Step 3: Choose to Assign/Unassign Students or Edit Content

Step 4: Click "save"

That's all there is to editing an Assignment. Remember, only remove the check mark next to a student's name if you want to unassign them from the content. Removing the check mark and saving will remove the Assignment from the student's list, and will remove reports on the Assignment for that student. To add additional students, leave the previously assigned students checked, and just add the check mark to the new students.

How Students Access Assignments

Students immediately have access when assigned. If you do not want students to have access yet, save the Assignment without assigning, and then assign students at a later date.

Students access your Assignment by logging in at, and clicking the Assignment name on the right.