Getting Started in iLearn


Whether you are a returning educator or completely new to iLearn, the information below will help you to get going.


What to do First

Get the new school year going with ilearn here.

Forms and Documents

Learn about the Registration and Student Enrollment Forms here.

Tech Savvy Tips

Get savvy with the technology in your classroom while using iLearn here.


Fill out and print achievement certificates for students here.

Add a direct link to iLearn on your school and district websites to make it easier for students, teachers, and administrators to log in and access iLearn.

​Copy the code snippet to the right and request your IT Specialist to apply it to your school and district websites.

Adding this to your school or district website means parents, students, and teachers can quickly access iLearn from your website.  You won't need to remember the URL, and your IT Specialist won't need to spend time at the beginning of each school year updating links to our login site.  This location will be the same each year.

We like to make getting started with iLearn as easy as possible. If at any time you have any questions or comments, need assistance, or are unsure what to do next, please contact us. We're here to help you implement successfully.

We are here to help you implement iLearn in the best possible way. Don't wait to get your questions answered later, contact us today.