Frequently Asked Questions

Top FAQs

What does my child do first?

After their account is created, when students access iLearn for the first time they will watch two brief introduction lessons and then complete the Placement Tests to be placed into the program at their appropriate level of instruction.

Do we just click start?

Yes! To advance in iLearn, your child will just click the start button at the Hub. The program will automatically launch the right element to work on.

How do we save?

You will never need to save anything, as iLearn does that for you every few seconds. All of your child’s progress are saved in the cloud, so you don’t need to save or keep track of what your child has completed.

How do I see my child's progress?

You can review everything your child has completed in iLearn by logging in with their account and in the navigation bar selecting “History.” Here, you and your child can review all of the content through which they have advanced, or view Test Review (see more about Review Mode and Test Review here). You can also select “Detailed Reports” to view the available reports on your child’s activity and progress.

When should I help my child?

iLearn Math is designed for independent learning by your child. You should avoid helping them answer questions in tests (green background). In other parts of the program (blue background), we recommend helping them understand how to answer correctly rather than answering questions for them.


How do we log in?

Students o to Click the “Click Here” button to open the login screen and enter the username and password, then click “start.” As a parent, you can also log in and access Reports or Support. 

Can my child use a calculator?

Your child should not use an external calculator while using iLearn Math. When appropriate, the calculator button on the keypad (on-screen) will turn bright green indicating it is active and the calculator is available.

How much time in the program should we plan for?

We recommend the students spend 30 minutes per day at least 4-5 days a week. Consistency is important. Actual time needed will vary by the needs of each students and desired goal.

What determines my child's progress?

iLearn Math allows students to skip over content they already know and delivers instruction and practice on critical concepts the student needs to learn. Each activity requires that students meet a mastery requirement before moving forward to the next activity.

The program stopped and will not respond. What do I do?

If your computer loses connection with the internet (even temporarily) it is possible the program may become unresponsive. The issue is typically resolved easily by returning to the Hub and clicking “start” again, or closing the program and logging back in. The student will return to the same location in the program.

Where can I find the table of contents?

After logging in, in the navigation bar click “Help” and then click “Table of Contents.”

Why is my child repeating the same instruction?

Some lessons can be very similar, so it may be a different Lesson Instruction with a small but important difference that seems the same. If it is the same Lesson Instruction, this is because students have the opportunity to review Lesson Instruction if they do not meet the correct answers required to complete Lesson Instruction.

Why has my child been moved back in iLearn Math?

Your child will never move backwards in the program. However, from time to time, they may be required to complete Cumulative Reviews, which consist of one to several questions on topics they mastered previously. Cumulative Reviews are based on topics your child learned, and are important for building retention. Upon completion of a Cumulative Review, your child returns to learning new concepts.

What is a Logout Warning with a red screen? Why does it display?

A Logout Warning appears if a student is inactive for a period of time. It ensures students do not log inactive time in iLearn.

My child entered an incorrect answer. Can I reset it?

No. We recommend students verify answers before submitting. One incorrect answer, though, cannot cause a student to fail any element in iLearn.

Why is my child starting below their grade level?

After almost 20 years of experience, we’ve found that whether a student is gifted, has special needs, or is performing at grade level they likely have areas below grade level that could be improved. The Placement Process in iLearn Math determines the lowest level of a gap and starts instruction at that point. If your child is starting below grade level, don’t be alarmed. This does not mean they are functioning below grade level. It just means there are some gaps below their current grade level that are typically learned quickly, starting a string of successes that build up to and beyond grade level.

What score is required to pass tests in iLearn Math?

Students pass Challenge Tests with no more than one (1) incorrect answer, typically 90% correct. Students pass Mastery Tests with no more than two (2) incorrect answers, typically 80% correct.

My child is receiving an Account Notification message. What can I do?

The Account Nofication message occurs when the expiration date of the account is nearing. If you think this message is displaying incorrectly, call Technical Support at 1-877-789-2088 opt. 5.

Can I move my child backward/forward in iLearn Math?

No, a critical component of iLearn Math is that all progress is controlled by the student’s performance. A student only moves forward under one of two conditions: 1) they Challenge past content on a Unit, Chapter, or Lesson level, or 2) they meet the Mastery requirement for the topic(s) they are required to learn. In the navigation bar, selecting “History” will allow students to review previously mastered elements, but student’s cannot move backwards to those elements.