Suggestions of Use

30 Minutes
4 Days per Week

iLearn Math Suggested Usage

30 minutes or more, 4 to 5 days a week. That's what it typically takes! Depending on your child's and his/her grade level, it can be more or less.

By the end of the first month, your child should exceed 8 hours in iLearn Math, which puts them well on their way to succeeding through grade level.


Your child should do their own work.

We know that as a parent you'll want to help your child any time they have difficulty and we obviously encourage this. However, it is important for your child to complete and master content with their own effort. Too much help can make it difficult for them to learn other concepts later.

We recommend to help your child when needed, in Lesson Instruction or Lesson Practice. This is when they are learning new concepts and practicing to build mastery. Note the blue background in the images below:

We recommend not helping your child during tests. Note the green background below, which is seen during Challenge and Mastery Tests.

Both Challenge and Mastery tests are there to ensure your child knows the concepts. For maximum program effectiveness, the activity should reflect the effort of your child alone.


Don't use a calculator.

Unless the calculator is active (the button turns bright green) it's in your best interest not to let your child use a calculator. Where instructionally appropriate, the calculator is available when the button turns bright green.


Watch Lesson Instruction with your child if they need help.

If your child needs help in a Lesson we recommend viewing the Lesson Instruction along with them. In Lesson Instruction a few incorrect answers automatically plays the Lesson Instruction again. Watch it with your child and watch them answer the questions after the Instruction pages. You might quickly see what your child is missing. Instruction is designed to explain exactly what is needed to answer the questions. If you need additional context, you can view previous Lessons. To review Instruction in previous Lessons, and even answer practice questions, click "History" and "review" selections from the program that come before your child's current location. See details here.


Have paper and pencil ready, or have your child keep a journal.

Having these ready every time your child logs in is very important. In some Lessons your child can do the math on-screen or in their head, but in other Lessons, tests, etc. it can be critical to use paper and pencil.

Better yet, make it a notebook or journal in which your child can write the date for each page for each log in session. This makes it easy for you both to review prior activity.


Be ready to learn when logging in.

Use iLearn as much as you. It's all online and there are no restrictions on the number of hours you can use each day, week, or month. We do recommend, however, that your child use it at least 30 minutes a day for at least five days a week. When sitting down to start, it's a good idea to be comfortable and ready to learn for at least 30 minutes. 


Encourage active engagement.

Distraction seems to be everywhere these days. It's important for your child to be attentive and focused while using the program. Also important, headphones or speakers should be turned on at an appropriate volume. If your child does not interact with the program for four minutes (on average), a red screen displays. Your child can simply click anywhere on the screen to return to the program. After 30 more seconds with no activity, the session ends and the program closes. In this way, time in the program is accurately documented for you. To start again, your child can simply log back in and continue.

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