History (Review Mode & Test Review)


Students advance through iLearn Math sequentially by exemption or mastery. It can be helpful, though, for students to have the ability to review content they've mastered - this can be achieved by clicking History, then viewing "My Answers" or "Review."

Teachers still have access to Test Review. When teachers log in, their navigation bar will read "Test Review." When students log in their navigation bar will read "History."

My Answers

From the navigation bar students can click "History," and then select "My Answers" for any completed Challenge or Mastery test. Students can view the answers they entered in that test. In previous years, teachers had this feature called "Test Review." 


Students can "Review" any element they have already mastered. While no data (neither time nor answers submitted) are saved, in Review students can retake a previously mastered element. Their results in iLearn Math are NOT replaced. Reviewing an element is only practice.