What's New


All the information you need to know about what's new for iLearn in 2019-2020.


During each school year, we strive to improve iLearn by listening to your feedback.

iLearn Math on Tablets

We're working hard to transition iLearn to HTML5, which means you can now use iLearn on tablets in addition to the usual desktops, laptops, and Chromebooks. If you are using tablets, we hope you like the experience and welcome your feedback.

If the button above doesn't work, email isupport@ilearn.com with your questions.

Recent Enhancements

Here are some other recent additions to the iLearn Math program.

K&1 Skip Placement Tests

Neither kindergarten nor first grade students will take Placement Tests. Kindergarten students skip to Unit A Chapter 1 Challenge Test. This puts them close to where most Kindergarten students start, but allows the advanced K students to exempt Chapter 1 and more if they know the content. First grade students start the Unit A Challenge Test. This allows first grade students the opportunity to skip over all Kindergarten content.​

K, 1, and 2 Auto Play Feature

Based on near unanimous feedback, we've added to each K-2 Lesson in iLearn the feature allowing instructions in questions to be narrated to students. Additionally, for K, 1st, and 2nd grade students the question narration automatically plays for the student. There's no need to click the speaker button, as this automatically reads the instructions for each question.

Subtitles for Lesson Instruction

We now have the option for the display to also include subtitles which will allow students who need it, to read the Lesson Instruction narration.