Student Trajectory Report

The Student Trajectory Report is available at the teacher and student levels. It displays a trajectory of the student's weekly progress in comparison to expected progress. Below the report is shown at the teacher level.

This report displays information for one student.

  1. ​Select Class - Click "Select Class," then choose the class.
    • Select Student - Select student from the alphabetical list.
  2. View Report - Always click "View Report" after making changes. A reminder will display in which you can click "View Report."
  3. Trend Lines (hrs/wk) -
  4. Export - Export to PDF or Excel.

The report will display a progress chart, with the y axis being the number of either chapters, mastered lessons, or hours worked, and the x axis being the number of the weeks worked. Each line is a trajectory of a students work in comparison to an average of 2 hours worked a week.

  • ​Total Chapters:total number of chapters worked to date.
  • Lessons Mastered: total number of lessons mastered.
  • Hours Worked: total hours worked.

Use this report to see a visual reference of rate of progress in iLearn Math week by week.