Student Screening Detail

The Student Screening Detail report is available at the student level only. It shows the results for a student by topic in each grade level test of a Universal Screening Assessment. Below, the report is shown as a teacher navigating to the student level to view the report.

  1. Choose school or teacher level assessment by click "Assessment Level."
  2. Then choose the assessment by clicking the "Select Screening" bar. Typically one screening should be delivered. If the student has completed two or more, results for only one screening can be viewed at a time.
  3. Change the (a) Cut-Score under options.
  4. Always click "View Report" after making changes.

After selecting a screening to view, the report displays.

  1. Data Table - The student's % correct for each grade level test in the Universal Screening, along with the completion date.
  2. Rec. MyQ Start Grade - Based on the Cut-Score, it is one grade above the highest grade at which the student met or exceeded the cut-score. Here since the cut score was exceeded in grade 2, the recommended start grade is 3.
  3. Assessment Results - The student's results on each grade level test in the Universal Screening, sorted by incorrect scores, then by location in iLearn Math/Assignment.
  4. Legend - Displays Correct, Incorrect, Don't Know, or Time Expired.

Use this report to view a student's individualized results on the Universal Screening, and plan the school year's instructional goals.