Student Progress Detail

The Student Progress Detail report is available at the teacher and student levels. It displays all work a student has completed in iLearn Math sequentially. In the example below, the report is shown at the teacher level.

The Student Progress Detail report will display one student at a time.

  1. Select Class - Click "Select Class" and choose a class.
    • ‚ÄčSelect Student - Choose the student from the alphabetical list.
  2. Export - Export to PDF or Excel.
  3. View Report - Always click "View Report" after making changes.

The Student Progress Detail report displays all elements a student has completed in Learn Math. Use the plus sign on the left to expand units and chapters to view more data. Use the minus sign to collapse units and chapters to see summarized data.

The column headers describe the data being displayed:

  1. PT - Placement Test scores


  1. UC/P - Unit Challenge Passed. Displays scores for successful challenges of Units.
  2. UC/F - Unit Challenge Failed. Displays scores for unsuccessful challenge of Units.
  3. UM - Unit Mastery. Displays scores for successful mastery of Units. Compare Unit Mastery score to the corresponding Unit Challenge Failed score.
  4. Atts - Attempts. Displays the number of times the student took the Unit Mastery Test.

The student's gaps chart appears at the top. Hovering the cursor over the chart will provide additional information on the unit or chapter number and the chapter title.

  1. Green represents all content exempted in the Placement Tests process (the initial Placement Tests continues as students successfully challenge Units, Chapters and Lessons, and concludes when the student does not successfully challenge the first Lesson Challenge Quiz, i.e. sees the first Lesson Instruction).
  2. White represents all content the student exempted by successfully challenging the Unit Challenge or Chapter Challenge Tests.
  3. Orange represents each chapter of content mastered by passing the Chapter Mastery Tests. These are Chapters in which the student needed at least one lesson.
  4. Grey represents content the student needs to complete to each a goal of 100%.
  5. Blue represents content above the student's enrolled grade level. For the example above, all chapters in the Units N, O, P and Q are above the student's grade level. The student can continue learning beyond grade level with no program restriction.