Student Grade Level Test Detail

The Student Grade Level Test Detail report is available at the student level only. It displays results on specific topics in a Grade Level Test assigned to the student. In the example below, the report is shown as a teacher navigating to the student level.

  1. Change the display of assessments for the student by clicking the "Test Filter" bar. If the student has completed two or more Grade Level assessments, select the assessment(s). Remove assessments by clicking the "x" next to the assessment name.
  2. Always click "View Report" after changing the assessment.
  1. Result - items are sorted by incorrect (and Don't Know), and then by location in iLearn Math/Assignments.
  2. Description/Sample - brief description of the question type.
  3. Standard - standard associated with the question.
  4. Location - location in iLearn Math and Assignments.
  5. Test Information - name of the assessment displayed, completion date, % score, and grade level.
  6. Key - indicators for Correct, Incorrect, Don't Know, and Time Expired.

Use this report to individually track a student's progress at grade level throughout the school year.