Progress Summary

The Progress Summary report is available at the teacher level only. It displays results in each element of each Lesson and Topic in vBook by grade level.

  1. Select a Class - Select a specific class to view.
  2. All Students - Choose to view all students or a specific student.
  3. Content Grade - Choose the grade level to view to see what content students have attempted in vBook.
  4. Options - Change the options to change what is displayed in the report.
    • TT Goal - Change the Topic Test Goal to reflect if students passed or failed a Topic Test by your standards. The default is 80%.

Unlike most other Data Reports report, the Progress Summary report have students listed on the x-axis at the top of the report, rather than on the y-axis on the left hand side of the report.

  1. Student Name - Name of the student in the class selected.
  2. Grade Level - The grade level chosen to view.
  3. Location - The location in vBook of the element.
  4. Topic - The title of the Topic in vBook.
  5. Lesson - The title of the Lesson in vBook.
  6. Activity - LI or LP for Lesson Instruction and Lesson Practice, respectively. Topic Practice and Topic Tests will take up both the LI and LP columns.
  7. In Progress - Elements highlighted in yellow are elements in which the student began working in the element, but never completed it.
  8. Failed - Will only appear for tests. Indicates that a student's score on a Topic Test was lower than the TT Goal.
  9. Completed - Elements highlighted green are elements in which the student completed the element entirely. Topic Tests highlighted green indicate the student's score met or exceeded the TT Goal.
  10. Not Attempted - Elements that are blank or white indicate the student has never entered that element.

Use the Progress Summary report to quickly see which elements students have attempted or completed by grade level in vBook.