Progress Monitoring Detail by Assessment

The Progress Monitoring Detail by Assessment report is available at the teacher, school and district administrator levels. It displays all results for each student on a selected Progress Monitoring assessment. In the example below, the report is described at the teacher level.

  1. Assessment Level - Click "Teacher Level Assessments" to choose between assessments created at the teacher level, or the school level.
    • Select Test - After choosing Assessment Level, choose a test. tests display alphabetically by name.
  2. ‚ÄčOptions - Use the options pane to narrow the list of students in the report.
    • Select Class - Click "All Classes" and select a class. To remove classes, click "x" next to the class name.
    • Select Student(s) - The default is "All Students." Click to select a specific student, or multiple students. To remove students, click the "x" next to the student name.
  3. View Report - Always click "View Report" after making changes. A reminder will display in which you can click "View Report."
  4. Export - Export to PDF or Excel.
  5. Grade level Test % Correct - Displays student % correct test scores horizontally by date, and vertically by grade level.
  1. Student - The student name. All students, even those who were not assigned to the Progress Monitoring assessment, will display.
  2. Date - The date the student completed the Progress Monitoring assessment.
  3. Hours - The time in hours it took the student to complete the Progress Monitoring assessment.
  4. Grade Level Test % Complete
    • Grade Level - One Progress Monitoring assessment can assign different grade levels to different students. This report will display all possible grade levels to assign to students.
    • Student Score - The percent score the student achieved on the Progress Monitoring assessment.

Use this report to quickly see how all students performed on a progress Monitoring assessment assigned.