Multi Grade Diagnostic Detail

The Multi Grade Diagnostic Detail report for the student is available to all educators, at the student/parent level. It shows the results for a student by topic in each MGD completed. Below, the report is shown as a teacher navigating to the student level to view the report.

Navigate to the student level by typing the student’s name in the search bar, or using the Browse button. Under Assessments, click Multi Grade Diagnostic Detail.

  1. Score - The student's overall % correct for MGD, along with the completion date.
  2. Latest and Total Change - The change in percent correct between the two latest MGD's, and the change from the first MGD to last MGD.
  3. Description - A description of each test item. 
  4. Standard - The grade level and standard of each test item.
  5. Location - The Unit.Chapter.Lesson of the item from the iLearn Math content. Use this for making an Assignment of targeted instruction. 
  6. Time Expired - In the upper right of the above screenshot, note "- Time Expired." The time expires after 120 minutes in the test, however the time is not displayed to students, who typically complete the MGD in 30 to 40 minutes.

Use this report to view a student's results on the Multi Grade Diagnostic across the school year, and to see which standards are learned and not learned throughout the school year.