Multi Grade Diagnostic Comparison – Assessments

The Multi Grade Diagnostic Comparison report is available at the teacher, school, and district administrator levels. It allows educators to compare results on multiple Multi Grade Diagnostic assessments assigned to students. In the example below, the Comparison report is described at the teacher level.

After selecting "Comparison," you can run the default report by clicking "View Report," or you can alter the options.

  1. Select Test(s) - Select which test(s) you would like to filter by; by default, the report will run for all assessments.
  2. Options - Customize the report clicking "Options" on the left hand side. In the slide out window you can change options.
    • Select Class(es) - Select one or multiple. To view one specific class, click "All Classes" and choose the class. To compare two or more classes, click the "All Classes" bar and choose the classes. Remove classes by clicking the "x" next to the class name. You can also select as many classes as you like.
    • View Students for - Choose to view students for only Teacher of Record, only Virtual View, or both.

3. View Report - After changing options, click "View Report." Remember, always click "View Report" after you have changed options.

  1. Item - the standard related to each question answered in the assessment.
  2. Description/Sample - The Lesson Title in iLearn Math for each question.
  3. Location - the location in iLearn Math or Assignments from which the questions were pulled.
  4. Latest Change - compares the scores of the latest test to the scores in the previous test.
  5. Total Change - compares the scores of the latest test to the first test.
  6. Export - Export to PDF or Excel.