Grade Level Test Summary

The Grade Level Test Summary is available at the teacher level only. It allows teachers to view results on one or a selected group of Grade Level Test assessments.

In Assessments, only teachers can make and assign a Grade Level assessment. School administrators can make and assign a Benchmark assessment. While both assessments are a students' currently enrolled grade levels, the difference is that a Grade Level assessment is assigned to classes rather than to an entire school. Grade Level data are reported for a class, while Benchmark data are report for an entire school.

The default report automatically displays, and can be customized.

  1. Select Test(s) - Choose the assessment(s) to view.
  2. Options - Change the options to view specific classes or students.
    • ​Select Class(es) - Click "All Classes" to select one or multiple classes.
    • Select Student(s) - Click "All Students" to choose one or multiple students.
  3. View Report - Always click "View Report" to see the report based on new options.
  4. Export - Export to PDF or Excel.

The Grade Level Test Summary displays the following.

  1. Test - The assessment in order saved
    • ​Name - The name of the assessment
  2. Enrolled Grade - Student's enrolled grade level
  3. Grade Level Test Data - Test completed date, and the % score. If a student has not completed the Grade Level, "IP" will display for "In Progress."

Use this report to monitor progress at grade-level throughout the school year.