Class Grade Level Test Detail

The Class Grade Level Test Detail is available at the teacher level only. For a selected teacher-assigned Grade Level Test, it shows each student's results by standard and description.

Click "View Report," or change options then click "View Report."

  1. Grade Level Test - Selecting the name of the Grade Level Test to view.
  2. Content Grade - Select the grade level. Change the grade level by clicking the number or using the arrows to the left or right of the number line.
  3. ​Options - Customize the report by clicking "Options" on the left side.
    • ​Select Class(es) - Select one or multiple classes. To view two or more classes, click each class.
    • Select Student(s) - Select one or multiple students. To view a specific student, click "All Students" then select the name. To view two or more students, select each name. Remove students by clicking the "x" next to the student name.
  4. View Report - After changing options, click "View Report" to reflect the changes. Repeat: always click "View Report" after changing options.
  5. Export - Export to PDF or Excel.
  1. Class Grade Level Test Detail - This table shows all students in the selected class(es) and their performance on the Grade Level Test.
    • ​Score - The % correct answers
    • Standards - The associated standard
    • Key - Displays Correct, Incorrect, Don't Know, Time Expired, and Test not Taken
      1. Correct answer - the cell is blank.
      2. Incorrect answer - displays a solid circle.
      3. Student clicks "Don't Know" - displays an open circle.
      4. Timer for the test expires - remaining questions display a dash "-".
      5. Student did not take the selected grade level - displays a light-grey box.​
  2. Legend - Shows a description of each standard, the location in iLearn Math and Assignments, and the average score for the standard based on the students in the report. The average score will help determine standards students struggle with most.

Use this report to see how students performed on specific standards and questions.