Class Gaps Chart

The Class Gaps Chart is only available at the teacher level. It shows a quick view of progress, including Units and Chapters skipped in Challenge tests, and gaps students have encountered and mastered while advancing in iLearn Math.

Teachers can view all classes at once in the Class Gaps Chart, multiple classes, or one specific class by clicking "All Classes" under "Select Class(es)."

Export this report to PDF or Excel.

The Class Gaps Chart will show all of the gaps each student has in iPASS by grade and by unit. Each gap represents one chapter in iLearn Math.

  1. Student - Name of the student in the class or classes selected.
  2. Gr - Student's enrolled grade level.
  3. Hrs - The total number of hours the student has worked in iLearn Math to date.
  4. Start Date - The first day in which the student logged into iLearn Math and began working.
  5. Grade Level - The grade level content in iLearn Math.
  6. Units - The units in iLearn Math.
  7. Exempted by Placement - Chapters highlighted in green are chapters the student exempted in the Placement Test process.
  8. Mastered - Chapters highlighted in orange are the chapters in which the student could not pass the Challenge Test and need to learn the content in that lesson. The orange bars represent the gaps.
  9. Exempted by Challenge - Blank or white highlighted chapters are the chapters in which the student was able to pass the Challenge test, and exempted the content in that chapter.
  10. Remaining to Goal - Content in iLearn Math the student has not yet reached.
  11. Above Goal - Content in iLearn Math that is above the student's enrolled grade level.
  12. First Chapter Above Grade Level - Indicates the first chapter the student progressed through that was above grade level. Can be either a gap or an exempted chapter.

Hovering over any chapter on the Class Gaps Chart will display the location in iLearn Math of that chapter, the title of the Chapter, and the chapter number in sequence.

Hovering over a Unit will display all of the chapters in that unit in iLearn Math.

Use the Class Gaps Chart to view all of the chapters in iLearn Math in which a student needed to master the content.