Class Benchmark Detail

The Class Benchmark Detail report is available at the teacher, school and district administrator levels. It allows educators to view how well students performed at specific grade levels in a Benchmark assessment assigned by a district or school administrator. In the example below, the Class Benchmark detail is described at the teacher level.

After selecting "Class Benchmark Detail," you can run the default report by clicking "View Report," or you can alter the options.

  1. Select Benchmark - You can choose a specific Benchmark assessment to view by clicking this drop down menu, and selecting the name of the Benchmark assessment you would like to view.
  2. Content Grade - Easily change the grade level you would like to see by clicking the number or using the arrows to the left and right of the grade level number line. The report will automatically reload after changing the grade level test you would like to view.
  3. Options - You can customize the report you would like to run by clicking "Options" on the left hand side. A slide out window will appear and you can choose the fields you would like to alter.
  4. View Report - After you have set up the report you would like to view, click "View Report." After you have clicked "View Report" you can still alter the report by changing the options or by selecting another grade level to view. Remember, always click "View Report" after you have changed the options.
  5. Export - Export the report to PDF or Excel.
  1. ‚ÄčItem Detail - This table shows all students in the selected class(es) and their performance on the grade level test in the Benchmark assessment selected.
    • Score - The score the student achieved on the grade level test selected in the Benchmark assessment.
    • Standards - The standard for the specific question seen in the grade level test by each student. The Standard relates to the grade level content the student should know based on the standards alignment.
    • Key - Displays Correct, Incorrect, Don't Know, and Time Expired
      • If the student answers the question correctly, the cell for that question will remain blank.
      • If the student answers the question incorrectly, the cell for that question will show a filled-in circle.
      • If the student clicks "Don't Know" on a question, the cell for that question will show an open circle.
      • If a student doesn't finish the test in the time allotted, the cell for that question will show a dash.
  2. Legend - The legend shows a description of each standard, the location in iPASS and MyQ that that standard appears, and the average score for the standard based on the students in the report you run. The average score will help you determine which standards your students struggle with most.

Use the Class Benchmark Detail report to see how students performed on specific topics in a grade level test of a Benchmark assessment assigned.