Benchmark Summary

The Benchmark Summary report is available at the teacher, school and district administrator levels. it allows educators to view results on all or a selected group of Benchmark assessments assigned by district or school administrators. In the example below the Benchmark Summary is described at the teacher level.

The Benchmark Summary report automatically runs when you open it. The default report displays all applicable Benchmark assessment data, but you can change the default report by changing the filter and the options.

  1. Select Benchmark(s) - If you want to view data on only one Benchmark at a time, click "All Tests" and choose the assessment you would like to view. If you would like to compare two or more specific assessments, click "All Tests" and choose the assessments you would like to view.
  2. Options - You can change the options to view specific classes or students.
    • Select Class(es) - Click "All Classes" to choose one class to view, or multiple classes to view.
    • Select Student(s) - Click "All Students" to choose one student to view, or multiple students to view.
    • View Students for - Choose to view students for only Teacher of Record, only Virtual View, or both.
  3. View Report - If you have changed the filter or the options, always remember to click "View Report" to see the report you've set up.
  4. Export - Export the report to PDF or Excel.

After you have changed the options, or have run the default report the Benchmark Summary display.

  1. Test - The assessment in sequence of when it was created.
    • Name - The name given to the assessment when it was created.
  2. Enrolled Grade - The grade level of the student.
  3. Benchmark Data - Displays the date the student completed the assigned Benchmark assessment, and the % score the student received on the assessment. If a student has not completed the Benchmark assessment "IP" will stand in place of the score.

Use this report to monitor how well students are progressing in grade level content throughout the school year.