iLearn offers new ways to encourage student learning and growth with enhanced feedback and a rewarding incentive system.




the process of requiring success, nurturing success, then celebrating success

What is enhanced feedback?

We've always encouraged students to be motivated by their own success, and this in turn increases their confidence in math. Students now experience enhanced feedback with sights, sounds and rewards when they complete elements, from the smallest but important accomplishments of Lesson Instruction and Lesson Practice, to the greatest achievements of passing Unit Mastery Tests.

With the enhanced feedback, students not only see and hear a celebration of their success, they earn Coins, Gems, Points and Unit Trophies as they master concepts. Students are automatically rewarded with Unit Trophies, and can use Coins and Gems to collect stickers and other items from the iLearn Store to customize their screen and learning experience.

We encourage you as educators to use all of these, and particularly the Points system, to develop goals and incentives to reward your students' successes. With the awarding of Coins, Gems, Points, and Unit Trophies, students have more exciting ways to be motivated by their success and to develop even more confidence in math. We hope that you also find new ways to motivate and help reach goals while plugging into the success!​

Coins and How Students Earn Them

Students earn coins just by moving forward in the program - it's that simple! The more a student advances throughout the school year the more Coins they earn. This includes successful completion of Unit Challenge and Mastery Tests, Chapter Challenge and Mastery Tests, Lesson Challenge Quizzes, Lesson Instructions, Lesson Practices, Lesson Mixed Practices, and Chapter Practices. Students earn a varying but specified number of coins depending on the location - just by advancing! The amount of Coins students earn depends on their rate of progress. Students earn a similar amount of coins regardless of whether they challenge past content, or progress through each element individually (but, it's faster to challenge). 

Students can use Coins to collect stickers and other items from the iLearn Store and view them in their Sticker Book. Students can view their items in the Sticker Book and also customize the learning interface by choosing a selection to display on screen.

Gems and How Students Earn Them

Students can earn gems by going above-and-beyond the minimum requirements, and students can earn more than one Gem at a time, depending on their performance. For example, a student can earn two Gems on a Chapter Mastery Test, one by scoring 100% and another by passing the Test on the first attempt. Gems incentivize students to not only advance, but to do their best. Gems are earned less frequently than Points and Coins, but can be used in the Store to collect Gem-specific specialty items. Just like items collected with Coins, students can also choose in their Sticker Book to display Gem-specific items on screen.

Points and How Students Earn Them

Points document progress in the program to grade level and beyond. Points track a cumulative total of elements each student exempts or masters. The new Points system allows you to know the location of a student by their Points. Point totals always increase along with the progress of each student and are not affected by students using Coins and Gems to collect items in the Store.  In other words, points cannot be spent by students, and you can use them as a goal for students in your class to reach, that does not overtly indicate a grade level.  Identify individual goals or a goal for the entire class using the points listed in the Table of Contents.

Unit Trophies

Each time a student passes a Unit Challenge or Unit Mastery Test they are automatically awarded a Unit Trophy in celebration of their success. Each Trophy identifies the Unit passed and appears in the student's Sticker Book. Students can see all Unit Trophies earned in their Sticker Book along with stickers collected, and can display both on screen.