What to do First

Getting started is easy, and we are here to help! Click a tab below for your level of iLearn access to see what you need to do first.

​Copy the code snippet to the right and request your IT Specialist to apply it to your school and district websites.

Adding this to your school or district website means parents, students, and teachers can quickly access iLearn from your website. You won't need to remember the URL, and your IT Specialist won't need to spend time at the beginning of each school year updating links to our login site. This location will be the same each year.

  • District admin
  • School Admin
  • Teacher


As a teacher in iLearn, you have the ability to view all data for your classes and students. You have the ability to add classes, students, queues, and assessments at anytime throughout the school year.

For teachers, getting started is easy. Your school or district administrator should have submitted your information to iLearn for your account to be set up. Speak with your school or district administrator to verify they have submitted the Registration Form to us. If they have and you need your login credentials, check your email (you might need to check your junk email if you can't find it.)

With your login information, you can now log in and view your classes and students. If your classes and students are not yet set up, speak with your district or school administrator to see if they have submitted the Student Enrollment Form to iLearn. If your classes and students are not set up and your school or district plans to submit a Student Enrollment Form, please do not add classes and students before iLearn processes your school or district Student Enrollment Form. Doing so can accidentally cause errors and student duplication.

​Once your classes and students are set up, you can add new classes and populate them from the school roster anytime.  If you are adding a new student, check the school roster first to avoid creating duplicate accounts. You can also make Assignments and Assessments to the students in your classes at anytime throughout the school year.

Assigning Beginning of the Year Assessments

Once students have been added, assessments can be assigned. Read about the different types of assessments here. We recommend either assigning a Multi-Grade Diagnostic or Benchmark assessment at the highest administrator level iLearn is implemented (if at the district, assign the assessments at the district level, etc.). 

iLearn Math has its own assessment process that identifies the starting point for each student. This is independent of the Assessments which are assigned separately.