Forms and Documents

Here are some handy forms and documents for a successful start to the 2016-17 school year.

Registration Form - complete and return this document to set up your school, school administrators, and teachers.

Student Enrollment Form - complete and return the Student Enrollment Form to have iLearn add your students.

Registration Form

Go to to download the 2016-17 iLearn Registration Form. Complete and submit to

All information for the registration process must be accurate before submitting, as iLearn cannot verify the accuracy. Please make sure to double-check email addresses before submitting. For example, it's easy to accidentally use a teacher's nickname rather than their name, like rather than 

The information iLearn requires in the Registration Form is:

  1. School information (blue area) – state, district, school name, and the first day for students.
  2. School administrators (green area) – the name, email address, requested username and password for each school admin to be added.
  3. Teachers (orange area) – the name, email address, requested username and password for each teacher to be added.

*Please note: all usernames must be unique in the iLearn system. If a requested username is already in use, iLearn will modify the requested username.

Student Enrollment Form

Go to to download the 2016-17 iLearn Student Enrollment Form. After completing, you can upload to a secure FTP site or contact

​Carefully review the "READ FIRST" tab in the Student Enrollment Form, as it will provide all information you need to properly complete the Student Enrollment Form.

Please keep in mind that submitting the Student Enrollment Form in an improper format, with errors, or with missing information may require iLearn to return the form for correction and delay the setup process.

Also keep in mind the following:


List students only once. iLearn can only enroll a student under one school, one teacher, and one class. If a student should be listed under two teachers for blended learning, FLP, intervention, after school, etc. this can be completed after the student enrollment process. iLearn will return all Student Enrollment Forms that list any student more than once to verify the primary school, teacher, and class under which the student should be registered. After the student enrollment is completed, Virtual Views can be established to fulfill the goal of programs where a student should be listed under more than one teacher. Any teacher can easily add Virtual Views of students by finding them on the school roster and adding them to a class. The student will appear under the original Teacher of Record and also as Virtual View in the additional class(es).


Usernames must be unique across our system. Because many students could have a username of “jsmith” or a similarly common name, we encourage requested usernames to be unique. Merging some portion of student IDs with student initials can be unique, and iLearn can discuss with you a strategy we can apply, to easily combine student information for relatively easy and unique usernames. iLearn will return any Student Enrollment Form with usernames that are already in use, so if you plan to develop your own usernames and passwords please make sure to use a convention that ensures uniqueness. 


Student IDs are important. Not only can they assist with developing a unique username for a student, they can also be useful for teachers and administrators to quickly and accurately find students in the iLearn system. iLearn will return any Student Enrollment Form that does not include Student IDs.


Submit one Student Enrollment Form for the entire district or school, that lists all students with the appropriate information. After iLearn registers students, both teachers and administrators have the ability to add new students at any point throughout the school year. It is not necessary for iLearn to process a Student Enrollment Form for new students.